I’d like to take this moment to get a few introductory things out of the way. First off, welcome to the new location of my blog 🙂 Decided it was time for some change and it needed a whole new makeover (a manly makeover!) If you guys followed my link from my old blog then you can tell I’ve tried to set it up in a similar fashion.  Still in the process of getting some of the kinks worked out though, as you can see a few of the videos that I’ve linked to in the past have vanished (lousy conversion between blogs -.-). As I said though, from now on everything will be posted here so don’t forget to check back!

So, back to business as usual. I happened to stumble across something very interesting. Now, I generally tend to ignore most commercials, in fact I usually just tune them out entirely. However; this one happened to catch my attention. Warning: What you’re about to see may just be considered the single greatest commercial you have and will ever see in your entire life. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you, Epicness.

Now, as you guys may know I’m a huge fan of YGOTAS as well as GX Abridged, Little Kuriboh, ShadyVox and xthedarkone are absolutely hilarious. If you’re a fan I’m sure you know but LK is moving to the states in a couple of days so really hoping he’ll be attending some Canadian Cons in the future! 😀 (I am not a fanboy 😛 ) The whole group did do a live stream on Friday however on Blogtv.com, if you missed it they’ve recorded a 10 minute clip of it which you can find over here:


Now one last thing to get out of the way. My schedule 😛 So as you may know I’ve started a new Let’s Play of Sonic Heroes as well as gotten my hands on a copy of ProTools SE running with my FastTrack input box so I’ve got my guitar hooked up to that recording songs. As you can see between all of that, this blog and school I’ve got quite a large to-do list so I’ll cut to the chase 😛 This is a hopeful schedule that I’m going to try to stick to (key word is try) so, hoping to have a new episode of the Let’s Play up by Sunday at the latest, going to be updating this blog at least 3 or 4 times a week and hopefully recording new songs about once or twice a week as well. Things might change but for now, let’s try that and see how it works.

Alright guys, I think that’s probably enough of me babbling for now so until next time, stay classy guys.


This is the End of Time!!!

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Hey guys *ducks for cover* I know it’s been a while. Life’s been a little crazy lately with school, family and not to mention the 3 other projects I’m working on at once. You know, I think it’s time for a change good citizens! Check back here tomorrow and you’ll see what I mean…or will you? ^.o Anyways I’m keeping this extremely short in order to build suspense for the new surprise. Until you return, stay classy Gotham.

I’ll Get You Next Time Gadget!

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Heeeeeeere’s BATMAN! Oh wait Nicholson played the Joker not Batman…hmm…I’ll get back to you on that one. Anyways welcome back guys I know it’s been a while but this time it wasn’t my fault…er, I mean…BOB DID IT! Whew, dodged that one like a boss…SILENCE!!! Nah but my internet in my dorm has been awful pretty much the entire week and only came back up yesterday. So now I know everybody’s thinking “so why didn’t you post yesterday!?!?! Flog him!” NO FLOGGING! I wasn’t able to yesterday due to one minor detail…MY NEW LET’S PLAY! Check…it…out! Lol

Part One is live 🙂
So guys guess what time it is! That’s right we’ve got another video game review to do! YAY! Ladies and Gents, I bring you the one and only, Star Fox 64 3D! Now where to begin…how about IT’S FRIGGIN AWESOME!!! Lol now that’s not something I say lightly either by any means. Seriously guys if you own a 3ds, buy it 😛 The game offers 2 different play modes a single player story mode and a multiplayer offering up to 4 player locally. Plus even if your friend doesn’t own the game but has a 3ds you can actually still play local multiplayer with them through download play which looks great, haven’t gotten to try that one out yet 😛 The story is classic to say the least, The evil Andross is trying to take over the Universe and it’s up to Fox McLeod and the rest of the Star Fox team to stop him. The graphics are a huge step up from the original N64 game and the 3D effect really shines in this one. What can I say about this game that hasn’t been said by dozens of critics already, it’s…absolutely flawless 😛 10/10.
Wolf stands no chance against Fox!
By the way guys if you haven’t seen Transformers 3 yet then I definitely recommend doing so. 1 was amazing, 2 sucked hard and 3 is right up there with 1. I came on DVD and Blu-Ray today and man I honestly can’t remember the last time I was this emotionally invested in a movie. I’m not going to do a full fledged review or anything like that but trust me, go rent/buy/watch it, you won’t be disapointed!
AutoBots, roll out!
Alright guys I think I’m going to get going since I’ve been up since 6:30 but I’ll be back tomorrow 😛 Until then, stay classy Gotham! 

Could it be? Nah, not possible. Or is it?  That’s right folks the Dark Knight has officially returned!…*cricket…cricket…cricket…* Huh…you mean there aren’t hundreds of people who have been waiting all week for a new post? Well, this just fills me with animosity! ANIMOSITY! For those of you who have been waiting for my triumphant return, well, do you have any idea how long it takes to take all of your equipment from one batcave and relocate it and yourself half way across the city? All the while remaining undetected? Not so easy now is it? The answer is no. And I’d like to apologize for my half-assed Jet Set Radio Reference in the title, probably the most obvious reference ever…I get lazy too 😛 On another note I really want to play that game again…

Anyways welcome back guys, it may have taken a while but I’m back in the fles..text and here to talk because…apparently I’m good at it 😛 I never shut up after all, just ask anyone! Except for him…just..just don’t ask him.

Meanwhile, back at the tool-shed…Hooray watermelon! Om-nom-nom-nom-nom…etc.

Don’t know if you guys have heard but as of the TGS(Tokyo Game Show) Square’s officially pushed Kingdom Hearts 3d back until Spring 😦 I get they have other projects going on and that..I suppose…some people prefer final fantasy to KH (honestly I understand if you’re talking about 3-7…maybe 8…maybe but even then it doesn’t mean they’re better just right up there as awesome games). I dunno, I’m not here to force my opinion on you BUY KINGDOM HEARTS! (Epic subliminal messaging) but they need to at least stop showing off little snipet trailers that look amazing but don’t explain anything and are even harder to understand because they’re in Japanese lol. Argh, final thoughts on this once and for all, Square…hurry up!

Even if it’s made of lego it’s still one of the top 10 video game weapons of all time…expect to see a complete list of that in the upcoming future along with a few other top 10 lists 😛
So I’d like to share a video with you guys. Now I know what you’re thinking, you post videos all the time isn’t this just another stupid one? NOOOOOOOOPE, this is Chuck F$*%ING Testa! Lol this dude’s blown up massively online the last week, literally he’s everywhere so if you haven’t seen it yet I recommend you do. P.s I saw it when it had under 100,000 views 😛 (hipster Ftw)
Now to go along with that all I have to add is this:  

Lol this is really one of the greatest internet memes ever and as the master of Internet Memes, I approve!
Alright guys one more thing before I depart. As you may know an alliance has been created. One that can withstand the test of time and conquer both Evil and Light alike! What can this creation be? Why none other than D.E.C.K! Your favorite Keyblade master( no, not Roxas, the other one) have teamed up to spread our nerdiness, evil and eventually take over the internet! Mwuahahaha! Probably should discuss that last part with her first though…
That’s right, get your game on!
Alright guys that’s enough out of me for now. Until next time (you know the drill by now) stay classy Gotham.

Move Faster Pokey!

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Intro of Darkness then Redness then whiteness! 

Audience? What are you doing so far away audience? I…alright I’m going to stop before I officially get sued…let’s hope that doesn’t happen.
Lawsuit aside, welcome back guys! I have big, shocking news! I have a headache 😀 lol (does anyone even question this anymore? I think it’s just assumed I always do). No I actually don’t get them very often now (used to be more frequent) only when I either stare at a screen for hours on end (explains half of them) or am really stressed. Anywho, enough about me, how are you? Doing well I hope, if not I’m deeply concerned, (no seriously) take a “me” day and relax 🙂
By the way have you guys heard about nintendo’s new gaming peripheral for the 3ds? Well, if you haven’t then I may as well elaborate. Essentially it’s an add-on for the handheld that is set to release in December in Japan. Basically it’s a plastic frame that you put your 3ds into (similar to the charging dock although larger in size) and adds not only a 2nd circle pad but shoulder buttons as well (think like L2 and R2 buttons on a ps2 controller). I don’t know to be honest, I know that certain games will be compatible with it including Kingdom Hearts 3d so yeah I think I’ll be picking it up. There are only 2 problems with the little gizmo. Number one, it runs on separate batteries then your 3ds does and by that I mean disposable…annoying but not all that bad. Number 2, it’s currently set to be priced at $90 dollars. This is the part that bugs me lol. I mean come on that was $250 for the system (I bought it early) approx. $40 per game, $20 for the starter kit including a case and whatnot and now another $90…damn this is an expensive hobby, remember when being a nerd was cheap? I don’t, I just remember my parents willing to pay for some of it when I was younger 😛
So yeah as you can see it’s not that much larger then the actual system itself.
Anyways there’s something I’ve wanted to bring up for the last couple of days and that’s *DING DONG*…What the hell was that?…Apparently someone’s at the door…not sure how that’s possible but hold on guys. Yes? Can I help you? If you don’t mind I have a blog to attend to…Yes I’m Batman…I…oh…I see…bye…So, apparently I’m being sued for stealing too many catchphrases and internet memes…huh. Well this simply shall not do! After all, I owe it to my fans to continue this blog to the end! (THIS IS THE END OF TIME!!!!!!) Who said that? Anywho, fear not dear readers for Batman always comes prepared. For you see, I knew that my internet obscurities (as hilarious and EPIC as they may be) would do me in someday so I had a self destruct mechanism installed into the Bat-cave. MWAHAHAHA!!! beep…beep…beep. Alright the deed is done and the countdown has begun, I’m afraid I’ve just enough time to finish this post before it detonates! Don’t worry though, as I mentioned, Batman always comes prepared, I’ve already set up another Bat-cave elsewhere on the city (what can I say, I’m fast) so from now on I’ll be blogging from there. 
Alright guys, I think that about wraps it up for today. Fear not, I’ll be back! After all, a hero is always there when he’s needed. Stay classy Gotha..

To all of my beloved fan girls, welcome back! Actually as far as I’m aware I don’t have any of those…let’s keep it that way 😛 fans are okay but not creepy over-the-top excessive ones :P. Anywho, whoever you may be nice to see you! How are you? Still awesome? Keeping it real? Prodigious! Let me guess, nobody’s actually there right? Darn and I had so much to say…oh well guess I’ll be back next time when someone actually shows up. Till then, stay classy Gotham!

Lol to anyone who actually just left and didn’t scroll down and probably isn’t coming back to this blog ever again…your loss 😛 lol no I’m joking I apologize and would like to dedicate this post to them even though they clearly don’t know me very well 😛 Fine, to make it up to them I’ll even go out of character and ask something extremely serious that I wouldn’t normally do…hug? NO HUG!!!
Anyways my goofiness (let’s call it that) aside I have some news. The super special awesome chocolaty but not actually chocolaty fudge coated (…I think you know the gimmick by now, if not keep up!) surprise (that isn’t really a surprise anymore) is once again on it’s way. Don’t think I mentioned it on here before (if I did well nobody’s forcing you to read this at gunpoint, if they are…you probably stole their ginger ale or something…) but they did ship them to the wrong address and the doofus (yup) who works there now was supposed to call me but didn’t check his mail so they sent it back and now it’s being re-shipped back to the great white north…no not Hawaii, do you even listen when I talk, er, type…guess it would be more of reading then anyway…SILENCE I SAY!!! Main point they are on the way 🙂
It’s recommended you don’t steal people’s ginger ale, not even Batman can help you
I don’t know about you guys but I’ve been so out of it today (was so tempted to get a jumbo coffee but then again it’s been over half a year since I’ve touched caffeine I’m not starting now :P) Between my 3 hour micro economics lecture (which I swear I had to fight to stay awake through, and it’s got nothing to do with the class I happen to like microeconomics lol yeah I’m weird like that) and battling through Super Metroid which I swear has some of the worst controls in the series (the wall jumping, which is of course necessary in certain parts of the game is next to impossible having to do a spin jump and hit left while holding jump and then simultaneously hitting right and jump again and your timing has to be perfect…) I’ll record some footage of it tomorrow and show you what I mean, it’s brutal. But yeah felt totally drained all day till I had a bottle of water and suddenly felt rejuvenated like you wouldn’t believe lol I’m not kidding either I really don’t know why but after that it was like popeye eating spinach I could lift a hippopotamus! Well…okay maybe not a hippo…not a real one at least…pardon me I’ll be afk while I find a hippo, in the meantime enjoy this commercial break.
I know everyone’s seen this but it’s the first commercial…ish thing I thought of 😛
Guess who’s back? 😀 No…not Santa Clause…sigh…In other news I found my Hippo! Actually I had seen this clip like forever ago and just remembered about it lol tell me it’s not the best minute of your life (other then all the time you spend reading what I have to say of course).
Pure awesomeness 🙂
Alright guys that’s enough out of me for one day I think so it’s once again time to depart. Oh and whoever’s been spray painting the batmobile…knock it off before I go all Joe on your sorry behind, trust me don’t make me go Joe, you won’t like me when I’m Joe…ahem, until next time, stay classy Gotham.
Now the post is officially complete, better start adding a message like this at the bottom because nobody’s going to trust me anymore 😛

Who let the dogs out? Who? Who I say?!?!?!

Ahem. Welcome back citizens, my apologies for all for all of the technical difficulties lately I honestly have no idea what’s going on with this blog anymore. If the Joker has anything to do with it I swear heads are going to roll…

So guys, as you may not know I’m finally back home for the weekend and it feels good to be back (if you’re stalking me you may have already known this, if you’re not stalking me and didn’t know well…maybe you should keep up!). The man-cave is EPIC but it’s still nice to get away once in a while (but not outside, me + sunlight don’t agree :P) Honestly what surprised me the most (aside from our cable and internet going out randomly during the week…I’m on to you Joker..) was how good the classes are lol. I know that doesn’t sound too great but everyone’s conceived perception of University is something along the lines of “OH MY GOODNESS SDLFJSLJFLKSJ JFL!!!” (maybe I’m in a wimpy program?) lol don’t get me wrong I know it’s only first week and I’m sure things are going to get harder once midterms and projects come into it but I dunno I guess I expected the worse and it’s just not as bad as I thought.

So another thing you may not have known about me is that my favorite color is black. That is all.

I’d like to dedicate this part of the post to the best color ever.

Lol no what I was going to say is that my phone contract expires in a month which is kind of weird for me. I mean I know it’s not a big deal I don’t even care that much to be honest but still little things excite me!…Don’t read into that. (How to segway from that bit of awkwardness…SO THEN I WENT TO THE MOON WHERE I FOUGHT MARTIANS AND…I won mwuahahaha (why were there martians on the moon?) Anyways as I was saying I spent the last week researching pretty much every Canadian phone company in existence to try and find the best phone/plan for the best deal and after looking at about a dozen companies I found that I can get the best deal sticking with the company I’m with right now lol.

My awesomeness is on par with bugs 😛

Sorry about the random insanity in this post guys, I was up early for class and I’m running solely on sugar and awesomeness (awesomeness is earned not given :P). And I know yesterday I promised a post last night but after going on an EPIC adventure it was delayed until today. If it makes you feel any better me and a few buds went to the mall near my school but to get there we cut through the forest behind the school and I found a deer which I was like 5 feet away from and had a staring contest with lol I’m serious, and I won 😛 (Batman always wins, got it memorized?)

Alright guys and gals that’s enough out of me today. I’m going to go work on a new song and I suggest you do the same, something creative and fun I mean :P. Until next time, stay classy Gotham!

So this isn’t really an official post but I’m just wondering if you guys have noticed anything glitchy going on with the blog as of late? I’ve actually noticed the twitter feed seems to appear at times and then it’ll randomly disappear, sometimes it doesn’t even feel like showing up at all, lousy self centered twitter account…Anyways yeah if you notice or come across any bugs or loose ends just leave a comment in the doobly doo below. Thanks guys 🙂

*Edit* I’ve also noticed that the comment option has disappeared as well lol sigh…

*Edit number 2* The twitter feed is back up, my bad on that one guys I goofed but the comments are still gone :S I shan’t rest until it’s fixed! Even though I have a law class in the morning…TO THE INTERNET!!!! And yes I get my own theme music whenever I say “To the…” even if it’s playing in my head and I’m the only one who can hear it 😛

*Edit number 3…this is getting ridiculous now…* So the twitter feed is still a wee bit temperamental, if it doesn’t load just refresh the page until it does, seems to be the only quick fix I can find for it sorry guys. I really need to look into a new widget…and I’m not coding it myself, do not have the time or patience for that 😛 Now hopefully this is the last you’ll hear from me on this post unless it’s me telling you I’ve fixed the comments that is.

*Edit number 4…and final.* So I’m aware I’m writing this the day after I originally posted the above^ but that’s because I fell asleep at the keyboard…again…it’s not as comfortable as it looks trust me my neck is killing me now :P. My whining aside, I wasn’t able to fix the comment boxes but that could be due to falling asleep so I’m going to play around with it some more, if they do start to work you’ll see it when you head back here so no need to constantly update this post anymore (and good too because I’m really starting to get sick of it lol). Anyways if you’re reading this today…Thursday, had to check 😛 expect a new post later this evening. Till then, stay classy Gotham.

So here we are again, it’s always such a pleasure. Remember when you tried to kill me twice? Err… wait, that wasn’t me…I’m not a robot who loves to do science and test! What do you mean I have no personality? I’m not a robot! The nerve of that guy…besides, I’m an android. Yes that’s correct, I’m a super duper crime fighting machine *badum-ching!*

*Facepalms* No, not that crime fighting machine…never mind…

Anyways my incoherent rambling aside welcome back guys. HAVE A GOOD FIRST DAY BACK AT SCHOOL??? 😀 lol and I wonder why I get so many death threats…they must be jealous…Couldn’t resist that one. Actually, my first day was surprisingly good 😛 After a two and a half hour lecture from my Accounting Prof. I headed to the Book Store (which is EPIC by the way, I think after working at a library I just have this thing with books now…it’s a personal thing, isn’t that right books? The books say yes.) Anyways had to wait literally 45 minutes in line to get my text book which ran me almost $100 used -.-‘ Ouch. I know Batman’s supposed to be rich but he’s really not as well off as Nolan portrays, trust me this economy is hurting everyone.

 Even Alfred has started up a part time business on the side selling tea-cups…someone has to!
So after mingling with people on my floor and making a couple of friends I’ve learned two things. Number 1. Nobody on my floor has an N64 😦 and Number 2. The dude in the room next to me is a drummer as I can constantly hear him play (although he really needs to work on his rhythm and not play whilst I’m doing homework -.-‘) and the dude across from me is a bassist which is pretty EPIC. We actually have enough people with instruments to start a band, since we’re all guys maybe we could call it the “Man-Cave Band” lol XD. What can you guys think of a better all male band…
Oh how I despise them…
Anyways guys going to keep it short and sweet tonight so it’s once again time for me to depart. Until next time, stay classy Gotham!
He’s back and he’s got a new trick (nobody’s going to get that)…uh..I can juggle…pff yeah I wish. Let’s see, what’s the most exciting thing going on in the life of the greatest hero ever…well, I got a haircut!!!…
This sums that up perfectly lol
So guys that’s right I’m back. Sorry I haven’t had much time to post anything lately I’ve been busy with orientation stuff at school, being with the fam and making delicious salty-sweet ice cream with your other favorite blogger. Da da do do do do do do do, Subscribe! (You had all better recognize that reference :P). By the way I’m totally not used to this new layout with blogger everything’s so different…IT’S TOO CLEAN AHHHH!!!! 
So random psychotic episode aside I feel the need to do something I’m probably starting to become known for, video game rants…so here we go.
 Final Fantasy. (Reader Reaction: BOOOOOO!!!!!!) Relax I”m not done yet. I’m not even trying to make people angry here (at least not on purpose :P) but what is up with square? I always have such high hopes and expectations for Final Fantasy games (I have no quarrel with Kingdom Hearts, they are simply perfect) and it seems it’s always hit and miss. I’m only going to go over ones I’ve played most recently so I have something to actually complain about. FFI had a goofy plot, II had a weak ending, VII I find no fault with, it’s what you’d find if you looked up RPG in the dictionary. VIII oh don’t get me started on the weak plot, brain damaged characters and stupid card playing mini games that don’t serve any purpose. X…I don’t want to waste all of your time. I don’t even hate them on purpose, I guess I’m just so hung up on the awesomeness that 3-7 captured and wish the new games would recreate it.
Now you may ask where I’m going with all of this? XIII. Previously I’ve only played a little of it at a friends house but I just picked it up yesterday and…well…I really hope you can guess what I’ve thought of it so far 😛 First some positives, it looks fantastic. Honestly it has some of the best cgi I’ve ever seen (better than Advent Children). The music is awesome as is standard with the series and the characters have a variety of weapons and attack styles. The problem however, can be seen as soon as you get into the first fight. The combat system is broken as hell and I’m serious. You have an option called auto-attack where you don’t even have to choose your own attacks the game selects them for you based on who you’re fighting. This immediately turns the game into a button masher where you can kill anyone by not even looking at the screen . I’m dead serious I got through the entire first chapter by mashing the A button, no strategy what-so-ever. Another thing that drives me nuts is the linear story. Did the makers not play any other final fantasy game before? The whole Epic part has always been exploring the massive, open world and in this game it’s not there. At least nowhere near how it is in the other games. I’m going to end this rant here…for now, I’m sure I”ll find more to complain about :P.
So I’m heading back to the “Man-Cave” in a couple days (my dorm is on the basement floor of the building and it’s an all-guys floor so we’ve dubbed it appropriately). You guys are never going to believe what happened the other day either. A girl actually came down to our floor! :O I’m not even sure who invited her down to our floor either, no smelly girls allowed! Lol YuGiOh abridged reference, I don’t think girls are smelly…well I’m sure some of them are but now I’m getting ahead of myself 😛
One hell of a man-cave lol entrance only gained by the super-secret password (only readers get to know it, if you hadn’t already guessed it’s Prodigious, duh!)
Anyways guys I think it’s time for me to once again depart. Fear not I’m going to be posting to the point where you’re going to soon be sick of me (if you’re not already that is). (Insert my now standard goodbye here.)