Attention duelists! My hair is telling me I need to not fall behind on updating this blog! My hair wrote this itself!

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He’s back and he’s got a new trick (nobody’s going to get that)…uh..I can juggle…pff yeah I wish. Let’s see, what’s the most exciting thing going on in the life of the greatest hero ever…well, I got a haircut!!!…
This sums that up perfectly lol
So guys that’s right I’m back. Sorry I haven’t had much time to post anything lately I’ve been busy with orientation stuff at school, being with the fam and making delicious salty-sweet ice cream with your other favorite blogger. Da da do do do do do do do, Subscribe! (You had all better recognize that reference :P). By the way I’m totally not used to this new layout with blogger everything’s so different…IT’S TOO CLEAN AHHHH!!!! 
So random psychotic episode aside I feel the need to do something I’m probably starting to become known for, video game rants…so here we go.
 Final Fantasy. (Reader Reaction: BOOOOOO!!!!!!) Relax I”m not done yet. I’m not even trying to make people angry here (at least not on purpose :P) but what is up with square? I always have such high hopes and expectations for Final Fantasy games (I have no quarrel with Kingdom Hearts, they are simply perfect) and it seems it’s always hit and miss. I’m only going to go over ones I’ve played most recently so I have something to actually complain about. FFI had a goofy plot, II had a weak ending, VII I find no fault with, it’s what you’d find if you looked up RPG in the dictionary. VIII oh don’t get me started on the weak plot, brain damaged characters and stupid card playing mini games that don’t serve any purpose. X…I don’t want to waste all of your time. I don’t even hate them on purpose, I guess I’m just so hung up on the awesomeness that 3-7 captured and wish the new games would recreate it.
Now you may ask where I’m going with all of this? XIII. Previously I’ve only played a little of it at a friends house but I just picked it up yesterday and…well…I really hope you can guess what I’ve thought of it so far 😛 First some positives, it looks fantastic. Honestly it has some of the best cgi I’ve ever seen (better than Advent Children). The music is awesome as is standard with the series and the characters have a variety of weapons and attack styles. The problem however, can be seen as soon as you get into the first fight. The combat system is broken as hell and I’m serious. You have an option called auto-attack where you don’t even have to choose your own attacks the game selects them for you based on who you’re fighting. This immediately turns the game into a button masher where you can kill anyone by not even looking at the screen . I’m dead serious I got through the entire first chapter by mashing the A button, no strategy what-so-ever. Another thing that drives me nuts is the linear story. Did the makers not play any other final fantasy game before? The whole Epic part has always been exploring the massive, open world and in this game it’s not there. At least nowhere near how it is in the other games. I’m going to end this rant here…for now, I’m sure I”ll find more to complain about :P.
So I’m heading back to the “Man-Cave” in a couple days (my dorm is on the basement floor of the building and it’s an all-guys floor so we’ve dubbed it appropriately). You guys are never going to believe what happened the other day either. A girl actually came down to our floor! :O I’m not even sure who invited her down to our floor either, no smelly girls allowed! Lol YuGiOh abridged reference, I don’t think girls are smelly…well I’m sure some of them are but now I’m getting ahead of myself 😛
One hell of a man-cave lol entrance only gained by the super-secret password (only readers get to know it, if you hadn’t already guessed it’s Prodigious, duh!)
Anyways guys I think it’s time for me to once again depart. Fear not I’m going to be posting to the point where you’re going to soon be sick of me (if you’re not already that is). (Insert my now standard goodbye here.) 

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