What does the scouter say about his power level? It’s…1006

Posted: September 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

So here we are again, it’s always such a pleasure. Remember when you tried to kill me twice? Err… wait, that wasn’t me…I’m not a robot who loves to do science and test! What do you mean I have no personality? I’m not a robot! The nerve of that guy…besides, I’m an android. Yes that’s correct, I’m a super duper crime fighting machine *badum-ching!*

*Facepalms* No, not that crime fighting machine…never mind…

Anyways my incoherent rambling aside welcome back guys. HAVE A GOOD FIRST DAY BACK AT SCHOOL??? 😀 lol and I wonder why I get so many death threats…they must be jealous…Couldn’t resist that one. Actually, my first day was surprisingly good 😛 After a two and a half hour lecture from my Accounting Prof. I headed to the Book Store (which is EPIC by the way, I think after working at a library I just have this thing with books now…it’s a personal thing, isn’t that right books? The books say yes.) Anyways had to wait literally 45 minutes in line to get my text book which ran me almost $100 used -.-‘ Ouch. I know Batman’s supposed to be rich but he’s really not as well off as Nolan portrays, trust me this economy is hurting everyone.

 Even Alfred has started up a part time business on the side selling tea-cups…someone has to!
So after mingling with people on my floor and making a couple of friends I’ve learned two things. Number 1. Nobody on my floor has an N64 😦 and Number 2. The dude in the room next to me is a drummer as I can constantly hear him play (although he really needs to work on his rhythm and not play whilst I’m doing homework -.-‘) and the dude across from me is a bassist which is pretty EPIC. We actually have enough people with instruments to start a band, since we’re all guys maybe we could call it the “Man-Cave Band” lol XD. What can you guys think of a better all male band…
Oh how I despise them…
Anyways guys going to keep it short and sweet tonight so it’s once again time for me to depart. Until next time, stay classy Gotham!

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