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Posted: September 7, 2011 in Uncategorized

So this isn’t really an official post but I’m just wondering if you guys have noticed anything glitchy going on with the blog as of late? I’ve actually noticed the twitter feed seems to appear at times and then it’ll randomly disappear, sometimes it doesn’t even feel like showing up at all, lousy self centered twitter account…Anyways yeah if you notice or come across any bugs or loose ends just leave a comment in the doobly doo below. Thanks guys 🙂

*Edit* I’ve also noticed that the comment option has disappeared as well lol sigh…

*Edit number 2* The twitter feed is back up, my bad on that one guys I goofed but the comments are still gone :S I shan’t rest until it’s fixed! Even though I have a law class in the morning…TO THE INTERNET!!!! And yes I get my own theme music whenever I say “To the…” even if it’s playing in my head and I’m the only one who can hear it 😛

*Edit number 3…this is getting ridiculous now…* So the twitter feed is still a wee bit temperamental, if it doesn’t load just refresh the page until it does, seems to be the only quick fix I can find for it sorry guys. I really need to look into a new widget…and I’m not coding it myself, do not have the time or patience for that 😛 Now hopefully this is the last you’ll hear from me on this post unless it’s me telling you I’ve fixed the comments that is.

*Edit number 4…and final.* So I’m aware I’m writing this the day after I originally posted the above^ but that’s because I fell asleep at the keyboard…again…it’s not as comfortable as it looks trust me my neck is killing me now :P. My whining aside, I wasn’t able to fix the comment boxes but that could be due to falling asleep so I’m going to play around with it some more, if they do start to work you’ll see it when you head back here so no need to constantly update this post anymore (and good too because I’m really starting to get sick of it lol). Anyways if you’re reading this today…Thursday, had to check 😛 expect a new post later this evening. Till then, stay classy Gotham.


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