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Posted: September 9, 2011 in Uncategorized

Who let the dogs out? Who? Who I say?!?!?!

Ahem. Welcome back citizens, my apologies for all for all of the technical difficulties lately I honestly have no idea what’s going on with this blog anymore. If the Joker has anything to do with it I swear heads are going to roll…

So guys, as you may not know I’m finally back home for the weekend and it feels good to be back (if you’re stalking me you may have already known this, if you’re not stalking me and didn’t know well…maybe you should keep up!). The man-cave is EPIC but it’s still nice to get away once in a while (but not outside, me + sunlight don’t agree :P) Honestly what surprised me the most (aside from our cable and internet going out randomly during the week…I’m on to you Joker..) was how good the classes are lol. I know that doesn’t sound too great but everyone’s conceived perception of University is something along the lines of “OH MY GOODNESS SDLFJSLJFLKSJ JFL!!!” (maybe I’m in a wimpy program?) lol don’t get me wrong I know it’s only first week and I’m sure things are going to get harder once midterms and projects come into it but I dunno I guess I expected the worse and it’s just not as bad as I thought.

So another thing you may not have known about me is that my favorite color is black. That is all.

I’d like to dedicate this part of the post to the best color ever.

Lol no what I was going to say is that my phone contract expires in a month which is kind of weird for me. I mean I know it’s not a big deal I don’t even care that much to be honest but still little things excite me!…Don’t read into that. (How to segway from that bit of awkwardness…SO THEN I WENT TO THE MOON WHERE I FOUGHT MARTIANS AND…I won mwuahahaha (why were there martians on the moon?) Anyways as I was saying I spent the last week researching pretty much every Canadian phone company in existence to try and find the best phone/plan for the best deal and after looking at about a dozen companies I found that I can get the best deal sticking with the company I’m with right now lol.

My awesomeness is on par with bugs 😛

Sorry about the random insanity in this post guys, I was up early for class and I’m running solely on sugar and awesomeness (awesomeness is earned not given :P). And I know yesterday I promised a post last night but after going on an EPIC adventure it was delayed until today. If it makes you feel any better me and a few buds went to the mall near my school but to get there we cut through the forest behind the school and I found a deer which I was like 5 feet away from and had a staring contest with lol I’m serious, and I won 😛 (Batman always wins, got it memorized?)

Alright guys and gals that’s enough out of me today. I’m going to go work on a new song and I suggest you do the same, something creative and fun I mean :P. Until next time, stay classy Gotham!


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