Move Faster Pokey!

Posted: September 14, 2011 in Uncategorized

Intro of Darkness then Redness then whiteness! 

Audience? What are you doing so far away audience? I…alright I’m going to stop before I officially get sued…let’s hope that doesn’t happen.
Lawsuit aside, welcome back guys! I have big, shocking news! I have a headache 😀 lol (does anyone even question this anymore? I think it’s just assumed I always do). No I actually don’t get them very often now (used to be more frequent) only when I either stare at a screen for hours on end (explains half of them) or am really stressed. Anywho, enough about me, how are you? Doing well I hope, if not I’m deeply concerned, (no seriously) take a “me” day and relax 🙂
By the way have you guys heard about nintendo’s new gaming peripheral for the 3ds? Well, if you haven’t then I may as well elaborate. Essentially it’s an add-on for the handheld that is set to release in December in Japan. Basically it’s a plastic frame that you put your 3ds into (similar to the charging dock although larger in size) and adds not only a 2nd circle pad but shoulder buttons as well (think like L2 and R2 buttons on a ps2 controller). I don’t know to be honest, I know that certain games will be compatible with it including Kingdom Hearts 3d so yeah I think I’ll be picking it up. There are only 2 problems with the little gizmo. Number one, it runs on separate batteries then your 3ds does and by that I mean disposable…annoying but not all that bad. Number 2, it’s currently set to be priced at $90 dollars. This is the part that bugs me lol. I mean come on that was $250 for the system (I bought it early) approx. $40 per game, $20 for the starter kit including a case and whatnot and now another $90…damn this is an expensive hobby, remember when being a nerd was cheap? I don’t, I just remember my parents willing to pay for some of it when I was younger 😛
So yeah as you can see it’s not that much larger then the actual system itself.
Anyways there’s something I’ve wanted to bring up for the last couple of days and that’s *DING DONG*…What the hell was that?…Apparently someone’s at the door…not sure how that’s possible but hold on guys. Yes? Can I help you? If you don’t mind I have a blog to attend to…Yes I’m Batman…I…oh…I see…bye…So, apparently I’m being sued for stealing too many catchphrases and internet memes…huh. Well this simply shall not do! After all, I owe it to my fans to continue this blog to the end! (THIS IS THE END OF TIME!!!!!!) Who said that? Anywho, fear not dear readers for Batman always comes prepared. For you see, I knew that my internet obscurities (as hilarious and EPIC as they may be) would do me in someday so I had a self destruct mechanism installed into the Bat-cave. MWAHAHAHA!!! beep…beep…beep. Alright the deed is done and the countdown has begun, I’m afraid I’ve just enough time to finish this post before it detonates! Don’t worry though, as I mentioned, Batman always comes prepared, I’ve already set up another Bat-cave elsewhere on the city (what can I say, I’m fast) so from now on I’ll be blogging from there. 
Alright guys, I think that about wraps it up for today. Fear not, I’ll be back! After all, a hero is always there when he’s needed. Stay classy Gotha..

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