Understand, Understand the Concept of Love

Posted: September 20, 2011 in Uncategorized

Could it be? Nah, not possible. Or is it?  That’s right folks the Dark Knight has officially returned!…*cricket…cricket…cricket…* Huh…you mean there aren’t hundreds of people who have been waiting all week for a new post? Well, this just fills me with animosity! ANIMOSITY! For those of you who have been waiting for my triumphant return, well, do you have any idea how long it takes to take all of your equipment from one batcave and relocate it and yourself half way across the city? All the while remaining undetected? Not so easy now is it? The answer is no. And I’d like to apologize for my half-assed Jet Set Radio Reference in the title, probably the most obvious reference ever…I get lazy too 😛 On another note I really want to play that game again…

Anyways welcome back guys, it may have taken a while but I’m back in the fles..text and here to talk because…apparently I’m good at it 😛 I never shut up after all, just ask anyone! Except for him…just..just don’t ask him.

Meanwhile, back at the tool-shed…Hooray watermelon! Om-nom-nom-nom-nom…etc.

Don’t know if you guys have heard but as of the TGS(Tokyo Game Show) Square’s officially pushed Kingdom Hearts 3d back until Spring 😦 I get they have other projects going on and that..I suppose…some people prefer final fantasy to KH (honestly I understand if you’re talking about 3-7…maybe 8…maybe but even then it doesn’t mean they’re better just right up there as awesome games). I dunno, I’m not here to force my opinion on you BUY KINGDOM HEARTS! (Epic subliminal messaging) but they need to at least stop showing off little snipet trailers that look amazing but don’t explain anything and are even harder to understand because they’re in Japanese lol. Argh, final thoughts on this once and for all, Square…hurry up!

Even if it’s made of lego it’s still one of the top 10 video game weapons of all time…expect to see a complete list of that in the upcoming future along with a few other top 10 lists 😛
So I’d like to share a video with you guys. Now I know what you’re thinking, you post videos all the time isn’t this just another stupid one? NOOOOOOOOPE, this is Chuck F$*%ING Testa! Lol this dude’s blown up massively online the last week, literally he’s everywhere so if you haven’t seen it yet I recommend you do. P.s I saw it when it had under 100,000 views 😛 (hipster Ftw)
Now to go along with that all I have to add is this:  

Lol this is really one of the greatest internet memes ever and as the master of Internet Memes, I approve!
Alright guys one more thing before I depart. As you may know an alliance has been created. One that can withstand the test of time and conquer both Evil and Light alike! What can this creation be? Why none other than D.E.C.K! Your favorite Keyblade master( no, not Roxas, the other one) have teamed up to spread our nerdiness, evil and eventually take over the internet! Mwuahahaha! Probably should discuss that last part with her first though…
That’s right, get your game on!
Alright guys that’s enough out of me for now. Until next time (you know the drill by now) stay classy Gotham.


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