Did He Died?

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Welcome back to Jeopardy with your host Alex Treb…wait wrong show…uh…CUT TO COMMERCIAL!!!
Two of the best commercials ever? I think so
Ahem, welcome back organic and robotic lifeforms now I know what you’re thinking, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN THE LAST FEW DAYS WE TOTALLY MISSED YOU!!!?!?!! Well, I was…oh you weren’t thinking that? huh…now see the awkward postition you’ve put me in? Why do you guys do this to me? A hero get’s no respect…Anyways for those of you wondering where I have been, to quote Mark Twain, rumors of my disappearance have been greatly exaggerated. No but I’ve been busy at work and then finishing getting stuff ready for school, which I’M FINALLY DONE! Yes that’s right folks everything’s finally packed! Well, except for clothes…can’t decide how many batsuit’s to bring with me…I think 7 would probably be enough.
So you may have heard through the grapevine but I am now ze Mario Party King. Yes so that technically makes me the King of the Dark Knights…not that there are more than one…at least there had better not be! All imitators and wannabe’s shall feel the wrath of CHUCK NORRIS!(I really have to start cutting down on how often I use Caps, waaaaaay too many times in this post 😛
Right now I’m actually hard at work. I’m actually searching the far regions of the interwebs for posters/poster ideas(already have a digimon one, star wars, Highlander, Lord of the Rings, Bleach and all that other good stuff. Can’t actually pin anything up but using tape is fine(not duct tape XD) so I’ve got a whole bunch ready to go 😀
Hooray for short paragraphs! Lol just noticed that ^
So I’ve also gotten a few complaints from people asking where my new LP(let’s play) is. What a funny story Mark(runs for cover at the expense of making a Tommy Wiseau reference). No but I actually had about an hour of game footage and about half an hour of voiceovers recorded and my footage corrupted. Yes I’m dead serious, gone all of it -.-‘ <– Mr. Serious Face. But yeah going to have to start it over once I manage to snag some free time, probably Sunday or Monday night once I've moved in, explored and have nothing better to do :P. Fear not it'll be up eventually.
Don’t know about you guys but this week just has EPIC written all over it. I mean I’m moving in which is kind of surreal actually lol but hopefully goes well and Nintendo is releasing the 10 free NES games to all members of the ambassador program(I’ve spoken about that enough already :P) just in time for school. Seriously who thought that was a good idea? Lol there goes all productivity. Nah, I know I’ve got work to do so going to…have to…cut down…on…gaming. Ow, I think that sentence hurt me lol. Actually guys there’s one thing that’s going to be the most EPIC that I just to save for last because it’s awesomeness couldn’t be contained in the above sentences(go with it :P). Anyways I’m getting together with my fellow blogger and renowned Keyblade Master to make…wait for it, Sea-Salt Ice Cream. Yes that’s right the real thing. Now, I have made Ice Cream before but that was nowhere near as awesome as this, just hoping the salty sweet combination is as good as it looks, I know my mouth’s watering. 😛
You can’t tell me that doesn’t look good 😛 
Alright guys I think that’s enough out of me for one night so I’ll continue fighting crime if you continue being awesome and reading this blog, deal? Oh and just wanted to say that once I do move in I’ll most likely be posting every day since I’ll have a lot less to do(other than the mountains of homework that is :P). Until next time, stay classy Gotham.

Welcome back to the greatest show unearthed! Creature Feature reference aside what is up people??? I am pumped! Pumped for PAX Prime that is! Now, if only I was going, which I’m sadly not 😦 lol perhaps next year. However I am still going to be following the entire Con religiously on twitter and G4 thank you AOTS.

So yesterday I took part in a great battle that shall be recorded in the history books and passed on for generations. Which battle could this be you may ask? Well, I attempted to finish packing for school. Key word being attempted :P. Actually, I got a lot of it done and just have a few things left to do now. However, I wanted to bring a camcorder with me for various reasons(may end up doing vlogs, who knows? :P). Anyways after an hour of searching I find the camcorder and it’s just a mini pocket sized one nothing fancy but nonetheless perfect for what I wanted but of course not any charger will do. No, with this jerk of a camera you have to use the charger that it came with, the very same one I haven’t seen in months. 2 hours later, I finally managed to find it and plug it in, light comes on and the charging begins :D. 2 hours after that it’s done, so I unplug it and throw in an sd card and of course it doesn’t work. Well, the camera itself does but it absolutely refuses to read the memory card, 5 cards and 4 different formats later(FAT 32, NTFS, etc.) and no luck. Even tried taking the card slot apart and putting it back together with no avail. Solution? I ended up buying a new camera lol XD I’m still tinkering with the broken one and may return the new one but considering the price I got the new one for it may just be worth keeping after all.

So, good news ladies and gents, the super duper mega awesome amazingly fantastic uber great chocolaty fudge coated super secret surprise(Note-The surprise is not actually chocolaty fudge coated, however chocolate can be supplied to any awesome citizen if they so require it) is on the way 😀 FINALLY! lol honestly I really can’t order anything online because when I do I’m like a 5 year old on a sugar high and I don’t mean for five minutes. Oh no, I mean from the minute I hit buy till the second the package arrives(we must protect the package!). So yeah EPIC news, arrived in Chicago on Friday and has been en route since. And yes pictures shall be posted once they finally do arrive(could there be more than one? 😉 I’d love to tell you but then I’d have to kill you…that or make you go dress shopping with Robin and we all know which you’d prefer :P)

Perfect photo much? 😛

Alright guys I think it’s time for me to depart, I really can’t focus today I’ve been working on this post for 2 hours in-between doing other stuff including assembling a CD for a friend so I had better get to it. Till next time, stay classy Gotham.

Edit* I actually originally posted this without a title without realizing lol sorry to anyone who read it before hand. Yeah I’m an idiot I know 😛

Gotta Catch em’ All

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Greetings citizens how are you on this fine evening? So I was at best buy earlier and encountered one of the most difficult moments of my life(and that says a lot being batman and all). Well, I wandered down an isle and came face to face with a decision only I could make, Heart Gold or Soul Silver? Lol XD surprisingly I didn’t end up buying anything. :O I know madness! or sparta! whichever floats your boat. No, I decided not to buy anything since nintendo’s ambassador program(with 10 free nes games) hits September 1st(check if you’re eligible here: http://www.nintendo.com/consumer/systems/3ds/en_na/3dsambassador.jsp?menu=how&submenu=ctr-ht-amb-lookup and don’t enter the last number) and there’s a whole bunch of amazing 3ds games coming out soon. We’ve got Super Mario 3d Land, Luigi’s Mansion 2, Mario Kart 7, Cave Story, Star Fox 64 3d, Kid Icarus Uprising, Harvest Moon: The Tale of 2 Towns and let’s not forget Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance! But actually the game that’s got my attention as of late really does surprise me, not like the concept or anything but mostly because I wasn’t aware it was in development until a couple of days ago lol which game am I referring to you may ask? Well this is it http://www.pokemon.com/us/games/videogame-pokemon-rumble-blast/ and yes it’s real lol I could only find info on it from Nintendo directly and I’m thinking it’ll be the next one I pick up.

So I was also going to start an Let’s Play series which actually sorry I have started working on should’ve phrased that better. I’m actually editing the first episode as I’m writing this(okay well not exactly at the same time but you get the idea) and I’m hoping episode 1 will be out tomorrow. And fyi recording anything with vba seems to somehow become out of sync so manually fixing that is not fun 😛 Also my voice sucks XD and yes I’m keeping the name of the game in the dark until the first video comes out, and I’m sure you guys want to watch me play video games while having EPIC reactions 😛

So I’ve also got a headache…yeah what else is new? 😛 I just thought you’d all appreciate knowing that. No but today was pretty EPIC, ended up going to Carrot Fest(Yes that exists and honestly I don’t even like carrots XD but that’s on the dl 😉 lol) and had the best conversation with my younger brother(yes the adopted one). Now I’m watching DOA the movie which considering is based on a video game it’s not that ba…okay well I’ve seen worse game adaptations 😛 Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat weren’t exactly fantastic movies either but those were pretty good, Tekken on the other hand…yeah absolute crap. I honestly don’t get why movies based off of games suck so bad(for the most part). I mean the fans will already like it no matter what as long as they don’t massively screw it up or change too much. Follow the story, copy the setting and you’ll have a faithful adaptation that any fan get can get behind, if they made a kingdom hearts movie I’d go see it regardless but you couldn’t do something like have Roxas fight a monkey, it wouldn’t work…

Anyways guys that’s enough out of me for now, I’m hoping that the Let’s Play will be done soon so when it is I’ll post it on here(probably tomorrow most likely). So until next time, stay classy Gotham.


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Welcome back to my own humble abode on the internet uhm, this blog. Can I actually claim any part of the internet? Probably not a good idea I’m sure a certain group of kids being led by a dude with a pair of goggles would hunt me down, yeah going to pass on that, I’ll claim Myspace instead, nobody will notice! Ahem, Bazzinga 😛

So after playing though Ocarina of time (SPOILER ALERT TO FOLLOW, if you haven’t played through it skip the paragraph or better yet go buy the game on either system!) I’ve finally reached Ganon’s castle(which looks amazing by the way) and I love how after you rescue the sages the plot goes 1980’s on you(in a good way). Sheik reveals himself to be DA DA DAH! Zelda which I thought was obvious even playing through it on the n64 all of those years ago lol. So yeah Ganon who has apparently been watching you the entire game(creepy…) entraps her in a crystal(k) and then tell you to come to his castle if you want to see her again. Now I’m not complaining at all I absolutely love this story and game entirely and it really is one of the best ever made but I just love how it all comes down to the princess getting kidnapped and you having to rescue her. Not to mention throughout the game Sheik is a pretty badass character, well okay all he really does is shows up in-between dungeons and teaches you songs on his harp but he’s still hardcore!(I’m only saying “he” because you’re supposed to believe it’s a dude until you find out it’s really Zelda).

I know this doesn’t really have to do with the above paragraph(other than having link in it)
 but I just really like this picture lol
So I spent most of the day with a migraine which was actually so brutal that I couldn’t even go into work(pretty bad considering they’re usually more mild and annoying than anything else. So anyways yeah head was killing me so I did the most logical thing, made granita lol. Well, I didn’t actually make it right away, once the room stopped spinning and I managed to get out of bed I did. For those of you who don’t know it’s actually an Italian style of ice cream(not like a gelato it’s not creamy at all) but sort of like a sorbet(yeah I’m fancy lol :P). It’s actually not really fancy but still awesome if you want to give it a shot I’ve got a recipe you can try out over here –> http://homecooking.about.com/od/dessertrecipes/r/bldes97.htm and yeah I’ve been watching way too many episodes of Master Chef lately lol. 
By the way guys I’m on a mission to help out a fellow blogger and keyblade master on her mission of incorporating the word prodigious into everyday conversation so you know what you must do! What? No not give a talking purple moose your credit card number on the internet!…How did you even arrive at that? And no, you probably shouldn’t give it to your imaginary friends either. Know what, never mind, as I was saying spread the good word! 
Wish I had this as a poster in my room, it’s awesomeness cannot be explained with mere words alone, unless of course that word is Prodigious! 😛
Alright guys that’s enough out of me for one night so it’s once again time for me to depart. As you know a hero’s work is never done so until next time, stay classy Gotham.


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So want to start this post off by asking how many of you want to cause me physical harm due to the title? Lol I know you do but I wouldn’t dare try it, you never know when the Dark Knight might appear from the shadows. Besides I don’t get all of the negative attitudes towards Navi, I mean after all, every hero needs a fairy sidekick! I mean just look at robin, ahem, ZING! 😛 By the way if you don’t like all of Navi’s tips in Ocarina of Time you’re really not going to like them in 3d. After about every half-hourish I believe it is Navi now feels the need to tell you that she’s tired and thinks that it’s time for both of you to shut off the game and take a break. And yeah this will get really annoying 😛

Oh crap before I forget I’ve got to say something extremely important to you guys, HI! Almost forgot to add that, didn’t want to be rude or anything.

So next on the agenda I wanted to say that I really don’t understand people. I really don’t guys. I’m going to do something different and share a short anecdote about something at work today and normally I wouldn’t bore you guys with this but this really fascinated me. So this dude comes in to print something and comes upstairs to ask me for change. I tell him that he has to go downstairs to get change since that’s the only place that has any and oh he doesn’t like that, not…one…bit. So he goes off crazier then usual today and gets the scissors from the drawer. He comes at me with the scissors, why…so…HARD TO FIND CHANGE!?!?! He looks at a random patron, why…so…HARD TO FIND CHANGE!?!?!? He turns back to me, smiling and comes back towards me, holds them up to my little face aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand…lol okay no that didn’t happen 😛 He did get mad that he had to go back downstairs to get change however which wasn’t anyone’s fault but his since nobody who works there would’ve told him to come to me for change. But yeah he yells and swears and throws a tantrum and then I send him back downstairs and don’t see him again(not complaining :P). Anyways guys that was my day, well other then the whole hero part but that’s on the dl 😉

My inspiration apparently lol no not really.

Anyways guys just going to keep it short tonight so I will see you tomorrow. Until then, stay classy Gotham.

Welcome back  fellow crime fighters, digi-destined and keyblade wielders? It’s been a few days since I’ve been on here and I’ve missed you guys as I’m sure you’ve missed me and…HEY! I’ve missed you…

So I’m currently watching the original Batman movie starring Adam West from the 1960’s complete with every cliche in the book and…IT IS LEGENDARY!!! It’s loaded with goofy action, the cheesiest dialog you’ll ever hear in your life and rubber sharks! Lol no I’m not even kidding the opening scene ends with Batman hanging onto a ladder while he has the world’s fakest shark hanging off of his leg and robin climbing down the ladder to spray him with shark repellent…EPIC! The fact that the shark can breathe above water for the entire scene and that nobody is flying da choppa while robin is helping batman just makes it even better. And I’m not even being sarcastic guys it’s actually totally worth watching and all of the goofy and fun moments just make it even better.

And this is probably the greatest line ever written lol you can’t watch this and not love it.

So on a less awesome note I’ve decided that I’m going to stop coding sites for people(not counting at work) because by the end of the day my face looks something like this –> -.-‘ <– complete with the exasperated frustration mark lol seriously after working for hours and building a site from the ground up(writing the html and css from scratch) it's kind of a slap in the face when you upload it on a remote server and absolutely zero of your images load…yeah hence the face, it's my new BLARRRRGH I WILL DESTROY YOU!?!?!? face 😛

By the way guys just wanted to say if I see another cat video today I may just loose it lol. I really don’t understand the fascination behind them, they’re(for the most part at least) not cute at all just…ew cats 😛 I mean we need more awesome dog videos on the internet like this little dude below, he’s my number one fan 😉

He may not be the cutest dog but I think he’d be a better sidekick then robin dont’cha think? lol 
So I’ve also been playing pokemon yellow version again for the bajillionth time and it honestly never gets old no matter how many times you play it. And I know what you’re gonna say “why don’t you play black and white version?” well BLAH to you 😛 honestly to anyone who claims the new games are better you have no idea what you’re talking about until you’ve played the one’s on the gameboy. Pokemon may have grown and evolved over the years adding new graphics, pokemon and tm’s to the batch but we were there at the beginning and don’t you forget it 😛 Also with the pokemon fix I came across this not too long ago that I thought was worth checking out. http://www.smosh.com/smosh-pit/articles/14-bizarre-pikachu-products And yeah a couple of them creep me out too just skip over those ones or avert thine eyes!
Alright guys I think you’re probably getting tired of hearing me drone on(I know I am) so it’s once again time to say farewell, but fear not, I’ll be back! Till next time, stay classy Gotham.

The Force is Strong in this One

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Welcome back humans, aliens, androids, members of the asylum and all other EPIC lifeforms out there. Man you should’ve seen the mess “Alfred” made in the kitchen earlier. I mean geez there was cookie dough everywhere and…sigh…fine, it was my fault…That’s what happens when you go to make oatmeal cookies(which are amazing by the way) whilst wearing a bat suit, but then again someone has to.

So I’d like to introduce you guys to an awesome friend of mine and…yes batman has friends! So anyways you should check out her…No they don’t hang around me just to pity me…what do you mean a guy dressed as a bat is creepy and weird? He is, I mean, I am not! You know what, you are so OFF my Christmas card list, yeah, how do you like me now? ANYWAYS as I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted, she’s awesome check out her blog http://nerdtreasuretrove.blogspot.com/ and nuff said. 
So I have a story you guys need to hear. I went home today for lunch since I had the batmobile and figured well why not? So I did. The phone then rings so I answer and wouldn’t you know it, it’s a telemarketer. However I didn’t actually realize this at first. I swear this lady had the most robot sounding voice I’ve ever heard so I decided it would be the perfect time to practice my Darth Vader impression since it was a machine and it wouldn’t matter. So then I of course had to say “I am your father…”and it was then that I realized it was a real person when she was like NO! That’s not true…THAT’S IMPOSSIBLE, NOOOOOOOO!!!!!! lmfao I am not joking guys this actually happened and I’m convinced that it could only happen to me.
lol I honestly had to stop and think what if it was actually written like this in the movie? XD
So just wanted to let you guys know if you hadn’t noticed yet but if you look to your left, then up, then spin around 270 degrees, head to your local wal-mart, stop off at EB Games or Gamestop and then head home finally to return to this screen and look on the right side you’ll notice a twitter feed and yes that’s the official twitter feed of the Dark Knight. So even if you don’t have twitter not a problem you can still find out what I’m doing at all times of the day, I know isn’t that just exactly what you wanted? 😀 lol you guys are awesome. 
So I think it’s time for me once again to depart. Have a lot of work left to do and…actually I’m watching the G.I.Joe movie XD and yeah it’s not the greatest I know but I love the villain’s Scottish accent mostly cause it reminds me of Highlander haha anyway’s till next time, stay classy Gotham.


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Vedui’Nae saian luume’. Sut naa lle? And yes that’s written in elvish, if you can tell me what it says i’ll make you a cookie 😛

So I’d like to dedicate this post to my hero, Doctor Insano and yeah a picture is really worth a thousand words lol but check out http://spoonyexperiment.com/ if you don’t know who he is.
So I started playing Link’s Awakening once again, think it’s actually my 4th time playing through it now and the game still blows my mind lol. Link is on his boat on his way back to Hyrule when he gets caught in a thunder storm. As the boat crashes we see Link fall into the water depths he’s washed ashore on Koholint island where he wakes up in a house with a dude and his daughter and the adventure begins from there. Link’s told by an owl(just go with it) that he can only leave if he awakens the wind fish so he sets out to beat each boss in the standard zelda style game. 
Now that’s all fine and good as the game is one of my favorites but there are some things I have to mention. First of all there’s this. You enter the lost woods where you find a mushroom. You then bring the mushroom to a witch who lives in hut who turns it into “magical powder”(I can only assume what this really is). You then take your “magic powder” to a walking, talking raccoon(I’m serious folks) and then sprinkle him with this “magic powder”. He then proceeds to jump in the air and start spinning, and spinning, and spinning, and spinning and spinning until he spins out of control and crashes into a tree where he EXPLODES and to top it off he turns back into a human as apparently he was under a magic spell. Huh…I see…I think whoever wrote this had a little too much “magic powder” 😛 
My other comlaint with this game is THE ENEMIES! I mean come on there’s ripping off and then there’s directly stealing. In the game we’ve got:
Boo Buddy
Cheep Cheep
Mask Mimic
Pirahna Plant
POKEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH COME ON!
Thwomp (Gray)
I dunno guys, I know they’re both made by nintendo but still…actually when I was 5 playing this I actually thought it was just a strange coincidence that they happened to look so similar lol 
Anyways guys just wanted to give my thoughts on that and I should probably go before my head explodes 😛 I’ll be seeing you on the flip side!(Apologizes for that). Stay classy Gotham.

P.s just spent half an hour cutting bushes in the game to earn enough rupees(200 mind you) to buy the shovel, time well spent lol

There Can Be Only One

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Welcome back citizens and non-evil-doers. Oww headache…anyways as I was saying nice to see you. How are you? Are you sure? Really? You don’t say? I feel like we have a strange lack of communication. No. Yes. No. Up, Up, Down, A, B, L, R, Up, Left, Down, Up and that’s the ultimate cheat code! This would be a lot easier and might actually make some sense if I set up commenting on here wouldn’t it? Oh well.

Now, you know what time it is forum, no I’m not stealing RWJ’s shtick…okay maybe a little, but catchphrases aside it’s time for another game review!!! So I recently picked up Resident Evil Mercenaries 3d, well technically it was bought for me without me asking but I digress. Now this one is a little different from the other resident evil games as it actually has no story or plot what-so-ever lol. Now I don’t even mean that in a bad way. It’s actually based off of the mini game found in Resident Evil 4 and 5, basically pick your character, pick your mission and survive as long as you can against an army of zombies armed with chainsaws, crossbows, shovels and any other weapon you can think of. So does it hold up? Well, that’s debatable. Not being a fan of shooters I can say it’s actually a lot of fun to pick up a machine gun and go toe-to-toe with a bunch of evil zombies wielding scythes and wanting a piece of you. The one thing I wasn’t fond of was the music as it kind of sucks but the survival horror atmosphere is still there. That being said it’s not a scary game by any means and the M rating should really only exist because of the blood but that’s pretty much it. It’s mindless zombie bashing at it’s best and a great way to kill an hour or two. P.s It also offers co-op play via wi-fi but I haven’t gotten a chance to test this feature out yet. P.p.s It’s best played in the dark 😛

Plot: Non Existent(not a problem just be forewarned before purchasing it).
Visuals: Looks awesome, shows where the future of handheld gaming is going and that’s in the right direction.
Gameplay: Can be slightly repetitive but with a variety of characters and weapons it won’t get old fast.
Music: As I mentioned it could do better but just put on some metal in the background and you’ll be fine.
Overall: A solid title and even if you’re not a big shooter fan it’s still worth picking up and playing through. 7.5/10

Must say cool looking case so props for that too 😛
So guys I’m wondering how many of you have seen the A-Team? Not the original show but the movie made last year based off of it. Starring Liam Neeson(yes Qui Gon Jinn) and The Hangover’s Bradley Cooper makes for an action filled and hilarious 2 hours. For a movie based on the show it actually has depth to it and a few surprise twists that I didn’t expect. It is however loaded with cliches which every action movie seems to fall victim to and a couple one liners worthy of Arnold himself. If you’re a fan of the show or just love explosions and action, and let’s be honest who doesn’t? :P, definitely check it out. 
And no that’s not Mr. T but honestly he plays the part just as well.
Alright citizens that’s enough out of me for one night, still have crime fighting to do, a Princess to save from an Evil Gerudo King and some zombies to slay so it’s once again time to depart. Till next time, stay classy Gotham.

Hmm, wonder if I should stop titling these posts with obscure game/internet references?…NAH!

Hello and welcome back to the greatest place on the internet! Well allow me to rephrase that the greatest place on the internet if you like games, movies and the Dark Knight himself and if you don’t well…what can I say you probably belong in Arkham Asylum 😛

So if you’re wondering about the 2nd half of the title it’s because I actually spent like 45 minutes writing a full post(whilst checking my facebook, twitter and new youtube videos) and then accidentally hit the delete key and the post disappeared entirely -.- yeah wasn’t amused, you shall be destroyed BLAHH!!! I AM ARNOLD I WILL EAT YOU!!!! dslkfjslkdjfljsfsdfsdfjoiwefjd.

^ So uhm yeah Schwarzenegger broke into my house and took over my keyboard for a brief moment, he has since learned not to mess with the Batman and has learned his lesson. He also apologize for his performance in Batman and Robin and no I will not get off that 😛

Moving forward, I’m wondering how many people have seen this video down below? Gotta love AoS and AoB and this was too EPIC for words so i’ll just let you watch it. Don’t worry there aren’t any spoilers and if you don’t know what happens anyways then I hereby sentence you to watch nyan cat for an hour with no break 😛

^So EPIC! lol even if you don’t like halo you know you laughed 😛
So everyone out here knows who the great johnathan coulton is right? The dude who wrote all the epic music for portal 1 and 2(want you gone and still alive). So he also put out this song which I honestly can’t stop listening to it’s so addictive, actually reminds me of the barenakedladies to be honest but yeah definitely check it out. And I don’t support doing drugs at all, Straight Edge 😛
So good luck getting that out of your head because it will never leave lol
Anyways guys my headache is returning(don’t think it ever really leaves lol) so I think it’s once again time to depart. Even though I have my partner who doesn’t mind donning the bat at work whilst I’m absent the battle with crime never ends and only a hero can put it in it’s place. Till next time, stay classy Gotham.